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Programmed Test Sources, Inc. is a major manufacturer of high performance frequency synthesizers which are designed for stand-alone and OEM uses.

In 1975 we announced our first product, which embodied the goals formulated at the company’s inception: a high quality, fast-switching, low-noise synthesizer of modular construction. This approach would make it possible to adapt the instrument effectively to a broad spectrum of uses and do so at a price not available elsewhere.

Today, we offer one of the most complete lines of synthesizers available in the industry. Our models all use our own direct synthesis systems. Their advantages over competitive designs include excellent specifications for phase-noise, switching speed and spurious outputs along with low complexity.

The acceptance of our products has proven the value of our approach. Tens of thousands of PTS synthesizers have been shipped to an international roster of customers. We are proud to have served Analog Devices, Atmel, Boeing, Credence, G.E., Hughes, ITT, JEOL, LTX, Motorola, Philips, Raytheon, Siemens, Teradyne, Toshiba and others. The confidence we have in our products is reflected in our three-year warranty, and by our flat-rate service policy for years four through ten.

In our catalog, instruments are fully specified and priced. In addition to our products, we take pride and care in the services we render. You can count on immediate access to engineering personnel for technical questions, efficient fax, email or phone-quoting, order-taking and processing, on-time delivery and repair service within seven days. Finally, should you have any question about applicability or performance detail, demonstrator models are available for evaluations.


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